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Hackney Carriage Change of Owner

What you need to know if you intend to transfer your hackney carriage plate.


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Plate Transfer

If you would like to  apply to transfer your hackney carriage plate it is crucial that you read this article.  

The transfer of a plate is usually occasioned by the sale of a business.  The Council has no interest in the sale of the business; any agreement between you and a third party in relation to the use of the vehicle is of no concern to the Council and you should obtain your own legal advice.

The plate however is owned by the Council and remains its property at all times.  The transfer of the plate to another owner requires the consent of the Council and the following process should be followed –

1. Permission to transfer the plate, which is the property of the Council, must first be sought from the Council.  Please put your request in writing to the Licensing Manager at to the Licensing Manager at Communities, Colchester Borough Council, Rowan House, 33 Sheepen Road, Colchester CO3 3WG.  Permission to transfer must be sought by all parties with an interest in the plate (i.e. all people registered with the Council as joint owners).  Where there is more than one owner the request must be signed by all parties and proof of identity will need to be provided (the ID provided will need to prove name, address and signature).  Where the Council is not satisfied with the proof of identity provided it reserves the right to require all parties to attend the Council offices to confirm their agreement to the transfer of the plate.

2. You will receive confirmation in writing of the Council’s decision.

3. If the Council has authorised the transfer of the plate you need to call the Contact and Support Centre on 01206 282520 to make an appointment for a hackney carriage plate transfer.  The old and new holder of the plate will need to attend this meeting.  (It is not necessary for all joint holders to be at this meeting except in the circumstances outlined in point 1 above).

4. Please bring with you to the appointment the following documentation –

  • Vehicle registration document - the full log book must be presented in the name of the new holder of the plate.
  • A completed hackney carriage change of owner form.
  • The completed letter of release.
  • A Disclosure and Barring Service certificate dated within 3 months, for the proposed new plate holder if they do not hold a current hackney carriage/private hire driver’s licence.
  • A certificate of insurance in the new plate holder’s name, with all proposed taxi drivers listed as named drivers.
  • A PATs certificate if the vehicle holds a disabled plate.
  • The correct fee (to be paid by credit or debit card).

5. Once the application process has been completed to the Council’s satisfaction, it will issue the licence plate.

6. There is no right of appeal in the event that the Council refuses the transfer of the plate.

Please note – the Council has no interest in the business however, if the full vehicle registration documentation is not available the Council will in some circumstances agree to transfer of the plate subject to appropriate proof being provided of the transfer of the business.  Plate holders in this position should expect to be asked to provide a Bill of Sale proving that the proposed new holder of the plate has purchased the vehicle (the Bill of Sale should include full details of the car, the name and address of both the buyer and seller, and should be signed by both parties and dated) and a bank statement showing the exchange of monies.

Please click here to download the form

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