Local COVID alert level: high

Colchester is currently defined as a 'high risk' coronavirus alert level. We continue to monitor the situation closely and will take action to minimise disruption and keep residents and visitors safe.

Coronavirus: updates, advice and guidance

So what’s this digital stuff all about?

Our free online tools will teach you new digital skills. Learn how to use your smart device, laptop or computer.


  • Our free online learning tools


Online tutorials 


Online tutorials currently support up to 8 people at any one time. They are designed to help you progress your online knowledge. We aim to increase the numbers of people we can support in each session, dependent on the topic. 

The tutorials will cover a range of topics including how to use:

  • emails
  • the internet
  • search engines like Google
  • Facebook
  • video calls

We will also cover how to stay safe online and keeping your device safe.

All sessions will be two hours long and will run through the Microsoft Teams app and the Learn My Way website.   

Digital Access Support Officers will be on hand to guide you throughout the whole process, explaining in simple language what you need to know.  

To find out more or to let us know you are interesting in attending a workshop or an online tutorial, express your interest via our online form or contact the team.  

Express your interest in a workshop or tutorial

Colchester: 01206 282 452 
Clacton: 01255 686497 
Email: Digital.AccessSupport@Colchester.gov.uk 

Event calendar


Ten-week workshop - coming soon


We will be offering a ten-week workshop which will cover basic digital skills including staying safe and legal online, communicating and transacting. 

To show your interested in joining a workshop, complete the online form or contact the team. 

Book a tutorial

Colchester: 01206 282 452 
Clacton: 01255 686497 
Email: Digital.AccessSupport@Colchester.gov.uk 

How-to guides


We are creating how-to guides to help you learn a range of different online skills, from staying safe online to online shopping and communicating with friends and family.

FaceTime Guide

Zoom Guide

Using Attend Anywhere for Video Consultations Guide

Videos – coming soon


We are creating videos to demonstrate different online skills. Check back soon!

External resources 


Below is a link to relevant websites you might find beneficial. This includes resources relating to using your computer or device, online basics, Office programs, online safety, finding a job online, health online and managing money online. 

This list is correct at time of publication. Please let us know if the links are not working and we will update them. 

Email: Digital.AccessSupport@Colchester.gov.uk 

Useful online resources

Partner organisations


Tech Champions University of Essex


Staff and students from the University of Essex are sharing their IT skills to help others. Essex Students’ Union’s Volunteering Department, known as VTeam, has partnered with Citizens UK and Colchester Methodists to create a network of ‘Tech Champions' and help you get what you need from the online world.

You can read their article on how they are helping our community to live lockdown life online.

For more information, get in touch with the team. 

VTeam: vteam@essex.ac.uk  
Volunteering Manager Tomas: tkasiu@essex.ac.uk 

Broadband Savvy


Broadband Savvy has a function that allows you to find out how much internet speed you need and should purchase.

They are not affiliated with any company it is purely an information function to help you with learning about what is a good internet speed, what you require depending on your usage and much more, so visit their website and complete the short form to learn more.



Find details of one-to-one support and group sessions held across Colchester and Tendring.

Digital support events

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