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Digital Access Support

Calendar of events


Find out what events are on and when including the drop-in sessions where you can get basic digital skills for free.


One to one support


One to one support is offered at mutually convenient locations across Colchester and Tendring.

Due to social distancing we are currently offering over the phone and online one to ones. These usually last about an hour and can be changed to meet everyone's needs and skill levels.

We hope to assist people with getting online to communicate with friends, family and loved ones using the devices they have. We can also help people with buying online and using the NHS app to manage medicines, prescriptions, and pharmacies. 

We can adapt our services to meet everyone’s digital and technical needs.

You can book one to one support using the online form.


Book a one to one session

Alternatively, you can contact our Digital Access Support Team

Telephone: 01206 282 452 / 01255 686497

Drop-in sessions


All drop-in sessions are currently postponed.

We encourage you to bring your own devices to our drop-in sessions so that we can offer you relevant and hands on guidance. It is also suggested that you bring a notepad so that you can make a note of the information for reference.

On occasion you will have the opportunity to meet with some of our community neighbourhood operatives at some of these sessions.

You can also visit any of the libraries, where you are able to access computers and, in some instances, there are staff on hand to assist you with your queries.

So what’s this digital stuff all about?

Our online learning tools offer free digital skills and guidance. If you want to learn how to use your smart device, laptop or computer, we can support you.

Learn new digital skills 


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