Cost of living support

Colchester Borough Council is providing support for residents facing the cost of living crisis.

Case Study 3

A case study from the Private Sector Housing Team


  • Details of a case that the team dealt with and the outcome to their investigations

Family Solutions

Family Solutions sent a referral to the Health and Housing Project in relation to a family that may be living in poor housing conditions. 
Family Solutions is a service that has been set up by Essex County Council, working together with a range of other agencies and organisations including District Councils, Job Centre Plus, Police, housing providers and charities. Their focus is to help families to identify areas in their life that they would like to improve and support them to do this.
The Health and Housing project Officer visited the family and gave them information on the Home Repair Loan scheme that the Council can provide residents within Colchester. At the time of inspection, the property did not present any significant hazards to the residents health and safety. However, the information was given to them so they are able to come back to the Council if conditions were to deteriorate.
The father had COPD, Osteoporosis, arthritis and other issues meaning that he was unable to work and needed help with care. His wife is his full time carer and a full time mum to their young children.
The Officer referred the husband to Occupational Therapy team to carry out an assessment for his needs, potentially a referral will be received into the team for adaptations to be funded through a Disabled Facilities Grant.
The Officer also gave him information on the Breathe Easy support group for residents that have lung conditions organised by the British Lung Foundation and, whilst he was initially resistant about attending, she encouraged him to do so. She arranged to meet the gentleman at the group to support him and this has been a positive experience for him.
As the Officer was an 'approved assessor', she was able to order him a bed stick to help him get in and out of bed and help him to stop falling out of bed. 
A referral was made to the My Social Prescription service provided by Community 360 on behalf of the wife to help inform her of full time family carer support groups. 
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