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Recycling other materials

How you can recycle other materials at your school


  • Terracycle

There are a number of organisations that can help you and your school to recycle and re-use other materials such as jewellery, pens, wrappers and much more. Even better many of these schemes will pay your school for the materials collected.

Schools and organisations can collect unwanted and broken jewellery to be recycled.

How it works:

  • will give you everything you need to collect unwanted jewellery
  • pupils can take away an envelop to fill with anything they no longer want
  • a suitable time will be arranged for the jewellery to be collected from the school
  • will send you a cheque within eight weeks of your collection dependant on the total value of the collected items

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This organisation aims to eliminate waste by finding recycling solutions for the previously non-recyclable. They do this by creating waste collection programmes called 'brigades' for materials such as chocolate bar wrappers, pens and other items. They then turn these materials into new products such as recycled park benches and upcycled backpacks. 

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