Textiles, clothing and shoe collections for schools

Schemes that schools can take part in to recycle textiles, clothing and shoes.


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Schools can take part in a number of schemes to recycle textiles, clothing and paired shoes whilst raising money either for charity or for the school.


This scheme collects the following items for re-use; adults & children's clothing, soft toys, paired shoes, hats, belts and handbags.

What happens:

  • the school will be provided with blue sacks and a personalised leaflet explaining what to do
  • pupils, teachers and parents can take home a blue sack to fill
  • bags are collected from the school at an agreed date and time
  • the bags are weighed and paid for at £400 per tonne (£0.40 per kg) - the more you collect the more money you raise
  • cheques are received and made payable to any fund or charity the school requires.

To make a booking and to agree a collection day please call 01609 780 222 or visit www.bag2school.com

Testimonial by Clare Freeman - West Chinnock

"West Chinnock Primary School Parents and Friends Association has now taken part in five Bag2School collections raising the fantastic sum of £1,729.  Our school may only have 40 pupils but we have a tremendous amount of support from both parents and the local community.  As a result we always have a large van full of blue bags on all our collection days."

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