Schools paper and cardboard collection

Our service for collecting paper paper and cardboard from schools


  • Yes please
  • No thank you
  • What you need to do
  • Guidance and learning resources

Yes please

  • paper
  • card
  • flattened cardboard boxes
  • shredded paper (bagged)
  • Yellow Pages

No thank you

  • Card lined with plastic or foil (eg liquid food and drink cartons, tubes of crisps, cigarette packets, paper plates).

What you need to do

  • Contain paper and cardboard inside storage containers as shown below, either loosely or in sacks (not black sacks).  
  • Flat pack cardboard to minimise the risk of it being set alight. 
  • Bag shredded paper or put it in the compost bin. 

Paper towels can also be added to the compost bins. 

We will advise you of your weekly collection day (unless a fortnightly collection is more appropriate)    which will take place from your school bins store area. 

Containers e.g.  Roll pallets with a lockable door are available from Pallettower Ltd for about £84.

Contact Robert Duncan on 01273 421256. Delivery takes between 3-5 days, 1 unit is charged at £22, 2 units at £36. Prices were correct on 10/11/08.

Model 19.A116/4 Loading capacity: 600 kg. Overall height 1.69m

Plain galvanised drop front Eurobin, size 1100L.   Price £518 including delivery.    Available from Egbert Taylor, tel: 01299 251333 or visit

Please note: the inclusion of the above mentioned company does not act as an endorsement by Colchester Borough Council, nor is it a criticism of any that are excluded.

Guidance and learning resources on recycling

Click here to go to the Recyclenow website for school posters and learning resources.

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