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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Colchester Borough Council is monitoring the situation closely and will continue to take action to minimise disruption and keep residents and visitors safe. 

Coronavirus: updates, advice and guidance

Recycling and Rubbish Collection Services for Schools

We can provide schools with a recycling and rubbish collection service.


  • What recycling we can collect from schools
  • How much our collection service costs
  • How you can contact us for further information

We can provide schools with a rubbish collection service as well as the following recycling collections:

Please note that we do not collect garden waste from schools but we can help you to compost at your school. 

Find out more about composting at school

Schools registered with the Eco-Schools programme can receive a free recycling collection when they choose to have their rubbish collected by the Council. 

Register with the Eco-Schools programme

How much does it cost?

By separating your recycling for collection the amount of rubbish generated by the school will reduce and therefore so will your school's rubbish collection bill.  It will also highlight the importance of recycling and composting and improve the waste minimisation awareness of your pupils.

Please note that VAT no longer applies to trade or schools recycling and waste services. The prices are all inclusive.

Recycling and Rubbish Collection Prices

Invoicing takes place 6 months in advance in Sept and March and can be paid by monthly direct debit or twice a year following invoicing. Details of payment methods can be found on the reverse of your invoice.

Contact Us

If you would like to know more about our recycling collection service, please call 01206 282700.

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