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  • What is fly-posting?
  •  Why is it a problem?
  •  What is the council doing about it?

What is fly-posting?


Fly-posting is the unauthorised display of advertising signs, posters and stickers in public places. They are often attached to the highway for example on lampposts, railings, bridges, road signs and other street furniture.

Why is it a problem?


Fly-posting is illegal, it makes an area look messy and untidy. If not removed, the posters slowly rot, becoming more unsightly and cause litter. They also have the potential to distract motorists causing road traffic collisions. If placed on railings by the highway or near crossings they can cause a hazard to pedestrians. In addition, the businesses involved are gaining an unfair advantage over their law abiding competitors by not paying for advertising space.

What is the council doing about it


Any unauthorised signs on highways / street furniture may be removed immediately. People caught fly-posting may be prosecuted in court for the offence where the maximum fine is £2,500, alternatively offenders may be offered a fixed penalty notice of £75 per sign, to discharge any liability for prosecution proceedings.

Essex County Council should be contacted to seek approval for any posting on their highway/street furniture. In most cases, only approved AA signs will be permitted.

Fly-posting on buildings is illegal. Subject the landowners approval, any fly-posting may be removed immediately without any prior notification to the beneficiary of the fly-poster.

 If you put or post any sign, placard, notice, leaflet, banner or anything similar which can be seen from the highway or any public place without approval then you may be guilty of fly-posting.

Any organisation seeking to display any advert or placard should check that the appropriate permissions and consent have been granted before attaching any advertisements or signs. Outdoor advertisements and signs must be in line with the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 2007. Approval from the land owner should always be obtained.

Report fly-posting


You can report fly-posting in Colchester to us online.

Report fly-tipping

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