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Community Facilities

Information about funding available to improve or repair a Community Facility


  • Community Facilities
  • Contact details for Community Enabling Team Officers

If you are either looking for funding to improve or repair a community facility or are looking for information about hiring a hall or room please read on. 

Community Facilities

In order for the Council to gain an insight into the range of community buildings in the borough, regular community facilities audits are carried out. The audit covers basic details such as location, size, booking and contact details and, in addition, any outstanding building works that are required to keep the buildings fit for purpose. 

In order for this audit to be kept up to date and relevant, Borough and Parish Councillors are asked to feedback to CBC with their input regarding their local facilities, with any updates. 

The community facilities audit ensures that any available community planning gain is used effectively and reference is made to the audit within the communities' supplementary planning document. 

For further details of the community facilities audit and to supply relevant updates, please contact our Community Enabling Team Officers as follows:

Zone 1 – Fay (01206 282968

Zone 2 – Yovone (01206 282965)

Zone 3 – Siobhan (01206 506596)

Zone 4 – Sam (01206 282539)

Zone 5 - Chrissy ( 01206 505861)

Zone 6 – Siobhan (01206 506596)

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