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Where the legislation on leafleting is in force in Colchester and what fines can be issued.


  • Areas where leafleting is prohibited
  • Why the restrictions where put in place
  • Fixed Penalty Notices for leafleting

It is an offense to distribute leaflets in the following areas of Colchester without seeking consent:

  • all areas contained within the Town Centre
  • all areas marked as public car parks
  • Upper and Lower Castle Park
  • Areas identified as Bulky Goods Comparison Retailing
  • areas identified as Local Shopping Centres
  • areas identified as Food Superstores
  • Tiptree - Areas identified as Rural District Centres
  • East Colchester - Areas identified as local shopping Centres
  • West Mersea - Areas identified as Rural District Centres.

Although leaflets have been used as an example, the restrictions include:

  • balloons
  • badges
  • flags
  • anything with a printed logo or motif

Why is this restriction in place? 

We have implemented this restriction to reduce the impact litter has on our streets.

Along with other litter, the effects of leaflet distribution can be seen everywhere as well as being costly and time-consuming to clear.

Businesses are encouraged to use other means of advertising, for example through a business pack.

This legislation is primarily in place in Colchester Town Centre but other areas within the borough are also included.

Fixed Penalty Notices

A £75 fixed penalty notice can be issued to any individual identified participating in this activity along with the business being promoted.

If convicted in Court, a £2500 fine exists.

Political parties, religious and charitable organizations are exempt from the legislation and can seek permission from us if they wish to do so.

For more information or exceptions to this rule contact us here or by calling 01206 282700. 

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