Gym and Leisure membership

Council employees can join Colchester Leisure and take advantage of the gym, fitness pool, Aqua Springs and assorted classes.


  • Information about the discounted rates available to staff

Colchester Leisure World is a premier health and fitness centre located in the heart of Colchester.

Click here to take a closer look at what Colchester Leisure World has to offer

Click here to visit the Aqua Springs website

Council employees can join Leisure World and benefit from their range of healthcare facilities for just £16 per month.

This offer relates to Lifestyle Option 2 - Health and Fitness. It is a Direct Debit option only which includes unlimited use of (subject to the programmes that apply for each facility):

  • activa gym (compulsory induction applies for new members at a cost of £20)
  • Aqua Springs
  • More than 50 Aerobic Classes a week (some new classes may be chargeable)
  • Fitness Pool
  • Leisure Pool
  • Running Club
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