Travel discounts

Information on our Travel Plan which aims to reduce our employee's reliance on their cars whilst travelling to work and includes various incentives


  • Travel Plan Incentives

We are committed to making a difference to our local environment and reducing traffic congestion in Colchester is just one part of our strategic vision for the town and surrounding areas.

We also believe that we have a social responsibility to set an example to the rest of the local community, which is why we have our own workplace Travel Plan. This Plan aims to reduce our employee's reliance on their cars for travelling to work by offering various incentives and assistance to help employees review their travel choices.

Our Travel Plan incentives include:

  • The Bike2Work scheme which allows you to obtain a bike and accessories for less than the retail price
  • Secure cycle parking, lockers and shower facilities in our Rowan House offices and Colchester Leisure World
  • Free adult cycle training and bicycle maintenance workshops
  • Access to a free pool bike scheme for work purposes
  • Personal journey planning and links to public transport
  • Interest-free season ticket loan
  • Significant discounts on bus and train travel
  • Discounted Park and Ride and the new Bike Loan Scheme
  • Car share matching scheme
  • Emergency "lift home" scheme
  • Walking Buddies
  • Discounted car parking for employees who cannot avoid using their car to get to work
  • Mileage rates for bicycles and motorcycles
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