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Issues and Options Documents

The documents relating to Issues and Options


  • The Documents

Appendix 2 Summary of Consultation Responses

Issues and Options Ctee Report 1

Issues and Options Ctee Report App1


Snap Survey Responses web version


Consultation Responses - Boxted and Langham


290 John Barbara Lenehan Redacted

295 Jane Gilbert Redacted

619 D N Meachem Redacted

Email from Residents of Boxted


Consultation Responses - Groups


053 CPR Essex R

056 Essex Bridleways response feb 2015 R

062 Addendum Colchester Cycle Campaign Redacted

062 Colchester Cycling Campaign local plan Redacted

063 CAUSE covering letter response to Issues SA doc R

063 CAUSE Issues and Options response Feb 2015 Redacted


065 Colchester Civic Society Local Plan response 2015 Redacted

066 Colchester Natural History Society Response to CBC Redacted

067 141007 Site Location Plan Oxley Parker Drive R

068 Essex Wildlife Trust consultation response Redacted

114 Rowhedge Regatta Committee Redacted

127 Wivenhoe Society Options and issues submission R

160 Tiptree Medical Centre Redacted

273 Colchester Northern Gateway-Mill Road - Colchester Gladiators Submission 08 09 14 R

273 Colchester Gladiators Eastern Rhinos CBCB Issues Options Consultation Response 25 2 15 R

273 Mill Road Sports Ground Tom Burridge Redacted

613 A12 Villages Traffic Action Group Redacted

615 C Atkins Gypsy Council Redacted

617 Colchester Methodist Circuit Redacted

620 East Lexden Residents Association Redacted

625 Kelvedon Feering Heritage Society Redacted


Consultation Responses - Individuals


073 Andrew French Colchester Local Plan Response Redacted

074 Andrew Youngs Redacted

081 Sir Bob Russell Redacted

084 Carl Ashton Redacted

123 I A Matthews Redacted

133 Joanne Welsh Redacted

135 John Crookenden Redacted

144 Julian Bowden Wakes Colne call for sites Feb 2015 Redacted

145 Julian Lang Redacted

147 K A Harding Redacted

156 Lyndsay Salmon Redacted

164 Mike Daniels Redacted

168 Mr  Mrs Clark Redacted

182 Russell Miller Redacted

188 Mrs Clarice Corton Redacted

204 P Marchant Redacted

209 Penny Lang Redacted

240 Susan Orton Redacted

242 Suzanne Whitworth Redacted

248 Tina Sivyer Redacted

623 K Macdonald Redacted

627 Mr  Mrs White Redacted

633 O Rahilly O Neills Redacted


Consultation Responses - Irvine Road


093 Zoe Smith Redacted

143 Julia Newhouse Redacted

154 Lucy Chapman Redacted

223 S Holness Redacted

298 Sean Carlin Redacted

300 Cllr Cope 280315

302 J Halford Redacted

303 Orchard letter 02 03 15 Redacted

305 Barb Dafforn Redacted

306 Sue Coulson Redacted

307 Mr  Mrs Cottrell Redacted

308 A Phillips Redacted

309 Joanna Browning Redacted

311 Irvine road orchard Catherine Drayson Redacted

313 Irvine Road orchard Chris Coates Redacted

314 Irvine Road Orchard ChristineGrinham Redacted

315 Irvine road orchard dev plan Ron Bates Redacted

316 Irvine Road Orchard Dr Sandercock Redacted

317 Irvine Road Orchard Lindsey Raven Emrich Redacted

318 CBC Call For Sites Proforma Irvine Road Orchard Open Space v3 Redacted

318 Irvine Road Orchard Mike Shervington Redacted

320 Irvine Road Orchard Mrs Gibbs Redacted

321 Irvine Road Orchard On LDP Mrs Sarah Carter Redacted

322 Irvine Road Orchard SE Essex Organic Gardners Redacted

323 Irvine Road Orchard Terry Vasey Redacted

324 Irvine Road Orchard. Paul  Liz Clements Redacted2

325 Irvine Road Orchard. Simon Grinham Redacted

326 Irvine Road Timothy Oxton Redacted

327 Issues and Options Consultation Noel Mead Redacted

405 Gillian Emrich Redacted

557 Maureen Lee Redacted

559 Linda Rowlands Redacted

561 Jenny Stokes Redacted

562 Dr Kate Reed Redacted

563 Vikram Arora Redacted1

564 Katy Vargas Redacted

565 Tracey Sakals Redacted

566 Robbie Spence Redacted

567 David Hammond Redacted

568 Ruby Runnalls Redacted

569 Mr  Mrs Coyne Redacted

570 Mrs Frances Clark Redacted

571 Binns Family Redacted

572 Bronwyn Carter Redacted

573 Mat Hughes Redacted

574 Dave Kennedy Redacted

574 PROFORMA Irvine Road Orchard Open Space v2 Redacted

576 Mary Key Redacted

577 Brian Skipp Redacted

578 Helen Skipp Redacted

Irvine Road Orchard R


Consultation Responses - Parish Councils


635 Aldham Parish Council

636 Boxted Parish Council

637 Chappel Parish Council

638 Copford with Easthorpe Parish Council

639 Dedham Parish Council

640 East Donyland Parish Council

641 Eight Ash Green Parish Council

642 Great Tey Parish Council

643 Kelvedon Parish Council

644 Langham Parish Council

645 Wormingford Parish Council

646 Layer de la Haye Parish Council

647 Layer Marney PC

648 Lt. Horkesley Parish Council

649 Marks Tey Parish Council

650 Messing cum Inworth Parish Council

651 Myland Parish Council

652 Stanway Parish Council

654 Wakes Colne Parish Council

655 West Bergholt Parish Council

656 Wivenhoe Parish Council

657 West Mersea Parish Council

657 West Mersea Ward Profile

658 Winstred Hundred Parish Council


Consultation Responses - Public Bodies


049 ECC Appendix 1 Travel p.1

049 ECC Response CBC Local Plan Issues Options January 2015

050 Braintree District Council

051 Chelmsford CC Redacted

052 Tendring District Council Response Redacted

054 English Heritage Redacted

054 Good Practice Note - Local Plans - DRAFT

055 Environment Agency advice Redacted

057 Highways Agency Redacted

058 Maldon District Council Response

059 Marine Management Redacted

060 Natural England Case 7926 Consult 143405 Colchester Local Plan

061 Office of Rail Regulation Redacted

612 Greater London Authority Redacted

659 Anglian Water email Redacted

659 Anglian Water Jan 2015 RAG sheet


Consultation Responses - Rowhedge


141 Jonathan Eckersley Redacted

207 Paul Warner Redacted

225 Sarah Burke Redacted

226 Sarah Jane Gladwin Redacted

579 Richard Grieve Redacted

580 Paul Kinsey Redacted

581 Mel Wynter Redacted

582 Karen Steve Watsham Redacted

583 Rosie Appleton Redacted

584 Daisy  Justin Knights Redacted

586 Andrea Randall Redacted

587 Helen Went Redacted

588 Natalie Gosling Redacted

590 Mrs Jessica Hood Redacted

591 Glendon Franklin Redacted

592 Lorna Arrowsmith Redacted

593 Philip Angela Cass Redacted

594 Philip Marlow-Mann Redacted

595 Bob Mason Redacted

596 Partick Allen Redacted

597 Neil Collyer Redacted

598 Marie Walter Redacted

599 Jane Page Redacted

600 Clare Bush Redacted

601 Dave Myers Redacted

602 Jamie Gledhill Redacted

603 Mrs N Crouchman Redacted

604 Rick Green Redacted

605 David Palmer Redacted

630 Peter Thistlethwayte Redacted

632 Mrs A Streatfield Redacted

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