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Annual canvass of the electoral register

Each year we write to all households to ensure everybody who is eligible to vote is registered and that our records are correct.


  • Responding to the annual canvass
  • Registering to vote
  • Help with using online services

Local authorities must complete an annual canvass of electors. This ensures the register is accurate and residents can exercise their democratic right to vote.

We begin our canvass in July. Every household in the borough will receive a letter regarding their details on the electoral register. Read your letter carefully and respond if required.

Responding to the annual canvass

Your letter will advise whether your household needs to respond. 

In responding you are declaring the information is true. If you do not live at the address, you will need to state who you are, for example, the landlord).

To respond you will need the security code printed on your letter.

The easiest way to respond is online, whether you are confirming your details or reporting changes.

Respond for your household

Please respond promptly so we do not need to send reminders.

Registering to vote

Any new people added in your response also need to register to vote.

If they do not register online, they will be sent a registration form.

Registering ensures residents have their say in elections. It is also important for your credit score, for loans and mortgages.

Help with using online services

If you would like to improve your digital skills, visit

Contact us if you need further assistance.

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