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Report dog fouling

How to report any dog fouling you may see


  • Public Space Protection Order and what it means to dog fouling
  • What we need to know when you contact us
  • What you need to know
  • Why should I scoop the poop?

A Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) against the anti-social behaviour of dog fouling in public areas was introduced across the Borough on Monday 31 October 2016. 

It was introduced following a consultation open to residents and organisations.  The PSPO applies to all public land along with all locations where the public has permission to access private land and enables the Council to continue enforcing against dog fouling following changes in national legislation. 

If you are aware of anyone not clearing up after their dog please contact us. Any information provided will be dealt with confidentially. 

To report issues of dog fouling in confidence: 


What we need to know when you contact us 

If you do not know the dog owner, please let us know:  

  • the time that you witnessed it   

  • a brief description of the dog and owner.  

If you know the owner and are willing to give us a statement we can approach the dog owner and in some cases, will issue a fixed penalty notice.  

Good information such as times, a date, description of the dog or owner is very helpful but it needs to be witnessed.  


What you need to know 

Under the above PSPO, owners are required to clear up after their dogs in public areas. Failure to do this will result in a fixed penalty charge of £100 or a fine in court of up to £1000. 


Why should I scoop the poop? 

  • It damages your local environment. 
  • It ncreases tension between dog owners and others.
  • It ruins everyone's enjoyment of walking in our parks. 
  • It prevents children running freely and can make sports fields unusable.
  • It is a very unpleasant to remove from shoes, wheelchair and pushchair wheels. 
  • Apart from it being unsightly, smelly and attracting flies the dog faeces can carry parasites that can cause us harm. 

Set a good example - always clear up after your own dog. 


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