Single Person Discounts and Disregard Discounts

Find out about the Single Person Discount and the Disregard Discount


  • What qualifies you for a Single Person Discount and how much you could get off your bill.
  • How much you could get off your bill if everyone in the property is 'disregarded'.

Single Person Discounts

We assume that there are two adults living in your home.

If you are the only adult living in your home (as your main home) we will give you 25% off your Council Tax bill - this is called a Single Person Discount.

Apply for for a Single Person Discount


Disregard Discounts

If everyone in your home is 'disregarded' you will get 50% off your Council Tax bill.

When we look at the number of adults living in a property we do not count:

  • full-time students, student nurses, apprentices and youth trainees;
  • people who live in hospital;
  • people who are being looked after in care homes;
  • people who are severely mentally disabled;
  • people staying in some hostels or night shelters;
  • 18 and 19 year olds who are at or have just left school;
  • care worker paying for low pay (usually for a charity);
  • people caring for someone with a disability who is not their partner, or their child (a child is someone under 18);
  • members of visiting forces and some international organisations;
  • diplomats and their husbands (who are not British);
  • monks and nuns;
  • People in prison (except people who are in prison for not paying their Council Tax or a fine relating to their Council Tax).


Changes of Circumstances

Please let us know straight away if there are any changes that affect your discount or exemption, failure to inform the Council of any changes could lead to a fine.

This includes:

  •  someone moving out
  •  someone moving in
  •  a trainee or student finishing a course or giving up training
  •  a resident going into hospital for long term care
  •  a person becoming 18

You can report a move to us using our online form.

Report a move


Email us about a change of circumstances:


More Information

If you need any further information about these discounts then please contact us and we will be happy to advise you further.

Call us: 01206 282300

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