I can't pay my bill

What you can do and action we may take against you


  • I can't pay my Council Tax
  • Reminder and Final Reminder Notices

I can't pay my Council Tax

If your Council Tax is not paid, we will take legal action against you. This could end up costing you a lot more money - so it's best to get in touch.

It's never too late to ask for advice and is much less stressful for you than going through the court process. You might be entitled to a reduced bill, help with your payments or we might be able to help you spread the cost.

Contact us for advice on 01206 282300 or email us: council.tax@colchester.gov.uk


Reminder and Final Reminder Notices

Reminder notice   If you don't pay your Council Tax by the date it's due, we will send you Reminder notice giving you seven days to bring your account up to date.

If you pay the instalment in full within seven days and make all the other payments on time, you won't hear from us again.

Final Notice If you ignore the Reminder, we will send you a Final Notice. You will then lose your right to pay by the instalment method and full payment will then be due within 7 days.

· We won't send any more reminders

· The Summons and Liability Order Hearing will follow

· You will lose your right to pay by instalments

· The Council Tax balance becomes payable in full

Read more about the enforcement process here


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