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Council Tax Support

You may be able to get help towards paying your Council Tax. You can use our Online Calculator to see how much you might get. You can apply at the end of the form.

You may need to provide us with some evidence to help us with your claim and you will be contacted to ask for this. You will need to get it to us within one month from the date you made the claim.

The best way to get any evidence we ask for to us is to upload it to our Online Service.

Once we have looked at your claim we will write to you to tell you much you will get.

LCTS helps Colchester residents and people of pension credit age and is shown as a reduction on your Council Tax bill. If you are of pension credit age the amount of help you will get will be worked out in mostly the same way as it would have been under the old Council Tax Benefit scheme. If you are of working age and able to get LCTS then the following will apply:

  • All working age people pay at least 20% of their Council Tax Bill
  • The first £25 per week you earn is not taken into account when we work out your LCTS
  • Back to Work Support gives people who have been unemployed for a long time and get a job an extra four weeks of help with their Council Tax
  • A claim can only be back dated up to one month
  • There is a flat rate of £12 taken off your bill for people living with you no matter how much income or savings you have
  • Child Benefit is counted as income but Child Maintenance is not
  • £1.00 per week is the smallest amount you can get.
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