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Where to park your bike in Colchester town centre and cycle security


  • Where to park your bike
  • How to securely lock your bike

Colchester's Community Safety Partnership is launching a campaign to raise awareness about cycle security. Those shopping, visiting or working in the town centre have a good choice of cycle parking racks with most overlooked by passers-by, shops and CCTV.

Map - Where to park my bike

Cycle theft can occur in any town, in any place in the country at any time so we need to protect our cycles in the best way possible. This can be done by cyclists making sure they lock their bikes properly, whether popping into the shops, working or studying in the town centre. Experts tell us that most bike thefts are made by opportunist thieves, targeting unlocked bikes to sell as scrap. But some will try and break a bike lock to get to a bike, especially if they can sell it on. That is why it is important to use a quality lock.

Locking my bike - Advice from Essex Police

As part of the Bike Wise campaign both Council and Police will be carrying out work and activity to provide advice to cyclists in order to increase awareness of locking cycles securely. Further advice on locking your cycle securely can be found by clicking the link above.

As part of the campaign stickers will also be put on the town centre cycle racks reminding users to lock their bikes and Police will be carrying out extra patrols to deter potential thieves.

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