How Do I Appeal My Banding?

Details on how you appeal your Council Tax and Valuation


  • Valuation Appeals
  • Other Appeals

How to appeal your banding

If you think your home should be in different band then you would need to contact The Valuation Office Agency. You can appeal your Council Tax Banding online through the government website.

Find out how to appeal online

Alternatively you can write to them to appeal. Their address is 34 Southway, Colchester, Essex, CO2 7BB.


Other appeals

You can also appeal if you think you should not have to pay Council Tax at all. If you want to appeal you must write to us first so that we can have a look at your case.

If you applied for Local Council Tax Support and do not agree with our decision you can ask us to look at it again. You can also appeal within one month of us making a decision but you must appeal in writing.

You can take your case to an independent tribunal if you are still not happy simply by writing to us.

Please don't forget that if you choose to appeal you must continue to pay Council Tax until your appeal is sorted out.


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