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Colchester Borough Council is monitoring the situation closely and will continue to take action to minimise disruption and keep residents and visitors safe. 

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Collection and Service Charges

Find the prices for our Recycling and Rubbish collection service for businesses and schools.


  • The charge for a Duty of Care Certificate and legal requirements
  • Collection service charges
  • Prices for bin hire
  • Prices for recycling and rubbish bags and where to order them

Please note that VAT no longer applies to the Colchester Borough Council Business Recycling and Waste collection services. Therefore, the prices shown are all inclusive.

Invoices can be paid by monthly direct debit or twice a year following invoicing. Details of payment methods can be found on the reverse of your invoice.

Duty of Care Certificate

The cost for a Duty of Care Certificate for businesses and schools is £30.09. This needs renewing once a year, and you will be contacted when this is due for renewal.

All businesses, schools and some residential associations that have recycling and waste collected by Colchester Borough Council need to have a current Duty of Care Certificate. Non return of the Duty of Care may result in your recycling and waste not being collected.

You are legally required to:

  • Complete and return the certificate to us as a producer of waste.
  • Inform us of any changes in the details during the year by completing a new form.

To ensure that you comply with legal requirements please complete and return the form as soon as you can, retaining a copy for your own records.

Failure to have a Duty of Care in place for your business can result in a £300 fixed penalty notice or prosecution. Breach of Duty of Care is an offence with a maximum penalty of an unlimited fine if convicted on indictment.

Collection Charges

Collection Service Per
Cost for
Cost for
Regular cardboard/paper recycling collection per year £554.87 FREE

Non contract customer cardboard/paper recycling collection

per occasion £43.15 N/A

Clear Sacks - cardboard/paper recycling

per 25 sacks £27.18 FREE

360 ltr Bins - emptying - For Glass Recycling

per occasion £4.90 N/A

360 ltr Bins - emptying

per occasion £7.34 £6.53

660 ltr Bins - emptying

per occasion £11.48 £9.38

950 ltr Bins - emptying

per occasion £13.36 NA

1100 ltr Bins - emptying

per occasion £13.57 £11.48

If you are using our waste bins you can arrange to pay your invoice by Direct Debit. You will be able to specify if you would like to do this when you sign the contract.

Bin Hire

Bin Size Per Cost for Businesses Cost for Schools
360 ltr Bins per week £1.48 £1.48
660 ltr Bins per week £3.18 £3.18
950 ltr Bins per week £3.32 NA
1100 ltr Bins per week £3.87 £3.87

Recycling and Rubbish Bags

Type of Bag Number of bags Cost for Businesses Cost for Schools
Clear Sacks for cardboard/paper recycling 25 £27.75 FREE
Green Sacks 25 £39.87 £33.88

The delivery for Recycling and Rubbish bags is free. 

Order your Recycling/Rubbish bags

Re-signing fee (following non compliance with regulations)

The re-signing fee for both businesses and schools is £59.15

Contact us

If you have any questions about business and/or school collections or to organise your collection service please:

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