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Climate change and energy conservation reports

Reports on what we are doing to reduce carbon emissions in Colchester including


  • Reports on what we are doing to reduce carbon emissions in Colchester including a climate change risk assessment and the Local Authority Carbon Management Programme

Colchester Climate Risk Assessment

We completed a comprehensive risk assessment which looked into the impacts of climate change in Colchester. The report used data from the UK Climate Projections 09 which predicted the likely climatic changes for specific areas based on CO2 emissions projections. Read the Colchester Climate Risk Assessment to find out about the potential impacts of climate change in Colchester.

The Council has developed a new Environmental Sustainability Strategy, which supports the Councils continued efforts to reduce the impact from Council buildings, services and operations; as well as help build more resilient communities.

Local Authority Carbon Management Programme (LACM)

We have a responsibility to reduce our Carbon Footprint, and act as a community leader to help others do the same. Colchester Borough Council is now a leading carbon cutting Council in the UK and we deliver a carbon management plan.

In 2008 we signed up to a 5 year LACM Strategy. This made a commitment to reduce carbon emissions in Council buildings by 25% by the year 2012. The project was successful and we exceeded the target, achieving a 35% cut in carbon emissions. 

By the end of 2012 when the first carbon management plan ended, we measured a saving of over 2,444 tonnes of CO2 which was 133 tonnes more than the carbon reduction target.  Read more about the LACM Strategic and Implementation plan 2008-2012  In 2015 we embarked on the development of a new LACM Plan 2016-2020, this aims to cut the Council's carbon emissions further by 40% by 2020. To see how we plan to achieve this  read the LACM Plan 2016-2020.

The Nottingham Declaration

We signed up to the Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change in February 2007 and by doing so, it showed commitment to tackling the causes and effects of climate change. The Nottingham Declaration Strategy set out how we intended to reduce our impact on the environment. To find out more read the Nottingham Declaration documents below.

Climate Local

Climate Local is the next step on from the Nottingham Declaration and the Council signed up to this in September 2015.  The commitment comes with an Action Plan which can be viewed below under related documents below, and is closely linked to the priorities laid out in the Councils Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2015-2020.

Home Energy Conservation Act

Under the Home Energy Conservation Act 1995 (HECA) Local Authorities have a responsibility to support the improvement of energy efficiency in homes within the private and public sector. We have over the last several years implemented a number of major projects and initiatives to improve the energy efficiency of its own buildings, local businesses and also households. The Home Energy Conservation Act report below sets out the Councils actions going forward to continue this work and further reduce carbon emissions within the borough. 

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