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How we work out your Business Rates and how much you will pay.


  • What are Non-Domestic Rates and who has to pay them?
  • How are my Business Rates calculated?
  • What is a Rateable Value?
  • What if I think my Rateable Value is wrong?

What are Non-Domestic Rates and who has to pay them?

National Non-Domestic Rates are charged by the Government to those responsible for business properties such as shops, offices, pubs, warehouses, factories, holiday rental homes or guest houses.

National Non-Domestic Rates are also referred to as 'Business Rates' and are the equivalent of Council Tax for non-domestic businesses/commercial properties. 

A property does not have to be used for a business to be rateable, if it is used for any purposes which are not domestic then you may be liable for Business Rates.

How are my Business Rates calculated?

Your business rates are worked out by using the rateable value multiplied by the rate poundage which gives the annual gross rates. 

The multipliers are set by Central Government and  normally change every year in line with inflation.

There are two multipliers, the standard non-domestic multiplier and the small business non-domestic multiplier.

Standard multiplier 50.4p
Small business 49.1p
Standard multiplier 49.3p
Small business 48.0p

Standard multiplier 47.9p
Small business 46.6p

If you would like to estimate your business rates you can visit the Government Website to calculate your rates

What is a Rateable Value?

All non-domestic properties have a rateable value which is set by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA). The current valuations used by us to work out business rates are based on the 2017 valuation. The value represents the yearly rent the property could have generated on the open market.

For more information please visit the Valuation Office Agency website.

What if I think my Rateable Value is wrong?

If you disagree with your rateable value you will have to Contact the Valuation Office Agency directly rather than us.

The VOA have introduced a 'Check, challenge, appeal' system so that is easier to appeal the decision made by them when it comes to the rateable value for your business/premises.

More Information

If you would like to see more information about Business Rates the Government have set up a website which takes you through most aspects which you can visit by going to Business Rates.

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