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Apply for Building Control approval

Building work requires Building Control Approval and you're responsible for making sure that your building project complies with Building Regulations.


  • What is Building Control Approval
  • The different types of form
  • What supporting documents are needed
  • How much this costs

Building regulations apply in England and Wales and are the minimum standards for design, construction and alterations to almost every building.

For example energy efficiency and the needs of people i.e. accessing and moving around buildings.

Most building work requires Building Control Approval, which is different to "Planning Permission". What's this?

It's important you understand how building regulations apply to your building project as you're ultimately responsible for making sure that your work complies with them.

If they're not, we have legal powers to prosecute.

Read more on the Planning Portal

Our aim is to help you achieve compliance with Building Regulations whilst maintaining your original design.

We are happy to offer advice and work with you to develop your design.

Read more on the Government's site

Dangerous Structures

If you have any concerns about the safety of any structure, for example, a building, a wall, a fence, loose roof tiles, you should report it to us.

What type do you need?

Full plans

Used for all types of building projects, this is the most detailed option.

You submit detailed plans, specifications and calculations which are checked to ensure your design meets building regulations.

If successful, you'll receive an approval notice.

When the project is finished, you'll receive a completion certificate.

Read more on the Planning Portal

Building notice

Used for smaller projects, it's a formal notice that you intend to start your building project.

You can begin your project two days after you submit your notice.

You'll not receive an approval notice.

The project will be inspected as it progresses, but be prepared to obtain further information if asked for it. If we're not happy with the work, you may have to rectify this at your own cost.

When the project is finished, and we're satisfied with the work, you'll receive a completion certificate.

Read more on the Planning Portal


Used when applying for approval of building work that's already been carried out without consent.

You can only apply for this through us.

Read more on the Planning Portal

What supporting documents do you need?

Depending on the type of application you intend to submit, there may be additional documents that are required.

Check supporting documents



Check what fee is applicable

Planning Permission

Depending on the type of building project, you may also need planning permission.

Do you need planning permission?


If you're submitting applications which include a large amount of drawings or specific reports we may request additional hard copies of these documents at the time of submission.

Unfortunately, there are currently severe resource issues creating delays within the Building Control Team.

This could mean a delay of up to 6 weeks on top of usual processing times. We want you to be aware of this before you proceed any further. We understand if you wish to go to an alternative building control provider for your works, and we hope you will come back to us in the future.

Apply for building control approval

If you're having construction or refurbishment work done, you may need to notify the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).