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Pavement Permit

More information on pavement permits and also how you can apply for one


  • Table and chairs
  • Pavement permit policy
  • Apply for a licence
  • Fees

Table and chairs

More and more catering businesses now look to take advantage of the outside of their premises by setting up tables and chairs on the footway to accommodate and attract customers. Each time a person wishes to do this, a permit for placing the tables and chairs on the footway is required (this is referred to as a Pavement Permit).

Permits will only be issued to cafes, restaurants, public houses or other catering establishments that serve food and drink within the premises and employ sufficient staff to provide table service to the outside area and have sufficient provision of sanitary conveniences for use by patrons.

Pavement Permit Policy

Although each application is judged on its individual merits, Councillors have agreed that a ‘Policy’ covering minimum standards and conditions against which the merits of an application could be judged will promote consistency and benefit potential applicants and objectors, as well as assisting officers determining applications to which there are objections. 

It is accepted that the economic prosperity of the Borough is affected by the attractiveness to visitors and residents for leisure, shopping or entertainment purposes. However, it is recognised that if use of the footway for outdoor dining and refreshment is to continue then it must be done so in a controlled and managed way, mindful of the needs of other footway users. The Pavement Permit does not cover A boards which are not permitted under the Public Space Protection Order.

To apply for a licence, you need to:

View our Pavement Permit fees 

Once we receive your application, we will:

  • acknowledge it within five working days
  • visit the site to survey the area
  • send consultation letters and ask for comments from:
    • Essex County Council Highways
    • our planning team
    • our environmental team
    • our Town Centre Zone Manager
  • Supply you with a site notice to put up (down loadable)
  • allow people to make representations or objections to the application

If we do not receive any representations or objections, we will grant the licence. If we do receive any representations or objections, we will consider them and decide whether or not to grant the licence. This will be after the 28 day consultation period.

If we grant your licence, we will send you a copy which you need display.

After we have granted the licence, we will monitor your café or restaurant to make sure you are complying with the terms of the licence.

Your licence is valid for one year, from the date granted on the Licence

Pavement Permit Policy

Apply for a Licence

Pavement Permit Application

Pavement Permit Application Guidance Notes

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