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Meet the Team

​​​​​​​Colchester Borough Council is committed to working with and supporting our Armed Forces Community.


  • About Councillor Lynn Barton, Armed Forces Champion.
  • Contact details for our Armed Forces Community Team
  • Find out information about the Colchester Covenant Partnership Board.
  • Find out information about the Essex Civil Military Partnership Board

Welcome from Cllr Lyn Barton, Armed Forces Champion Councillor Lyn Barton

Colchester Borough Council is committed to working with and supporting our Armed Forces Community.

I am the Council's Member representative for the Armed Forces, and Ward Councillor for Shrub End (which incorporates Merville Barracks).

I am also a School Governor for Iceni Academy, where a significant number of children from military families attend.

I am dedicated to my role and really want to make a difference.

Whether you are currently serving or have previously served in the Armed Forces, the Council is here to support you and your family. Our experience shows that advice may be required on issues including health, education, housing, financial and employment needs. Working with local partners, including Colchester Garrison, our Team are here to assist.

Colchester has a long history of supporting the soldiers that live and work within the town, and their families.  As part of this Colchester Borough Council has signed the Armed Forces Covenant. 

We are really keen to hear from you to ensure that by working together we can make a difference.

Get in touch:

Our Armed Forces Member Champion is Cllr Lyn Barton


Our Lead Officer is Lucie Breadman, Assistant Director of Communities


Our Officer contact is Chrissy Henegan, Communities team


Colchester Covenant Partnership Board

The Colchester Covenant Partnership Board has been established by bringing together all relevant partners including Colchester Garrison and Colchester Borough Council to oversee the development of the Covenant in Colchester.

What are we doing locally for the Armed Forces Community?

  • Encouraging local communities to support you and your involvement in the wider community
  • Encouraging activities, joint events and projects which help to integrate you into local life
  • Nurturing an understanding and awareness of issues affecting you and recognising sacrifices made by the Armed Forces
  • Training our staff and implementing appropriate policies to support you
  • Understanding your needs while developing services
  • Providing employment and training opportunities
  • Raising awareness of the challenges you face
  • Raising your awareness of what support is available to you
  • Understanding and supporting veterans

Essex Civil Military Partnership Board

Following the signing of the Essex Armed Forces Covenant on 6th November 2012, the Essex Civilian Military Partnership Board was established to fulfil the undertakings agreed under the Covenant, to tangibly improve the lives of all.

Colchester Borough Council is represented on this Board, along with public, private and voluntary sector partners to look at Essex-wide activities relating to the Armed Forces.

The Civilian Military Partnership Board is currently engaged in a comprehensive programme of work, focusing on:

  • Housing
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Education
  • Employment and Skills
  • Promoting Integration

The Essex and Suffolk Military Herald is a useful publication that provides local Armed Forces related news and information.

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