Heart of Greenstead Scheme

The Heart of Greenstead scheme is a key part of the £18.2 million Town Deal Funding that Colchester was awarded by the government in August 2022.

The aim of the scheme is to provide improvements and opportunities to the area of Greenstead, making it a great place to live and work.

Colchester City Council are working closely with the Greenstead community and partner agencies to make sure the scheme will help to improve people’s lives for generations to come.

Phase 1

The scheme will create a new multiuse community hub which will provide residents with a range of services, including:

  • An improved community centre
  • New doctors surgery and pharmacy
  • A library
  • Housing office
  • Pre-school
  • Community Café
  • Flexible community space

Phase 2 

The scheme will create safer and more attractive public spaces, as well as up to 139 high-quality affordable homes. We are still working on ideas and a timeline for phase 2 but will share these as soon as we have more information.

Liveable Neighbourhood and Essex Pedal Power

The Heart of Greenstead scheme will adhere to ‘liveable neighbourhood’ principles which aim to make walking and cycling easier and safer, whilst also improving access to the city centre.

The scheme will also see the introduction of Essex Pedal Power which will allow eligible Greenstead residents to apply for a new, free bicycle. The scheme aims to make cycling accessible for everyone, providing access to employment, training and educational opportunities.

Learn more about Essex Pedal Power and to apply now

How to get involved

We want you to have your say on the area you live in.

Engagement and consultation with the local community is essential to the success of the Heart of Greenstead project.

We are working closely with partners including Community360 and the NHS to ensure that local voices are heard. There have already been some consultation and engagement projects, with more to follow as the scheme progresses.

If you would like to speak to someone in more detail, or maybe get involved with one of the engagement projects, Community360’s engagement team would love to talk to you. Email information@community360.org.uk to arrange a suitable time to talk.

What’s happening next

July 2023 - November 2023 
We shared the designs with the community. A range of events were organised so the community could share their ideas and feedback. 

December 2023
Greenstead residents encouraged to have their say on the Community’s new multiuse hub.

February 2024
Results of the survey published

March 2024  
We hope to submit the planning application in March 2024.

Page last reviewed: 6 July 2023


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