Cost of living support

Colchester City Council is providing support for residents facing the cost of living crisis.

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We want to hear from you about the future of our soon to be city, as we start work on the priorities of Colchester for the next 3 years.

Your thoughts are essential as they help up make the right, informed decisions for the future of our city.

We spend millions of pounds providing a diverse range of services to our residents, business owners and visitors, including:
  • recycling and waste collection
  • street cleaning
  • accommodation for the homeless
  • leisure services
  • planning services
  • building control Services
  • parks and open spaces
  • safeguarding and community safety
We want to make Colchester a place where people want to live, learn, work and visit, and we need your help, so tell us about the services which are most important to you by completing our survey by midnight 31 October 2022, which will shape our 2023-2026 Strategic Plan.

We will also be holding open discussions in the form of focus groups during November - you can register your interest to be part of the focus groups at the end of the survey. 

If you have any other questions email

Take the survey

Page last reviewed: 5 October 2022


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