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Freedom of Information

Everyone has a general right of access to any information the Council holds, with some exemptions. Our aim is to publish as much as possible on our website so that you can access it quickly without having to make a request.

Search our entire website using the box at the top right of each page.   Regularly updated and frequently requested information is published on our DataShare pages: click the button below to search these.

Access Datashare This link opens in a new browser window 

FoI Response Summaries

For clarity and to respect the privacy of requesters, personal details and additional text beyond what is needed for the information provided to be understood in context are not reproduced in the published summaries.  

The date of each request is shown in the heading.  Every effort is made to ensure that responses are correct at the time they are sent, however some of the information shown here may now be out-of-date; newer information may be available in later responses or elsewhere on the website.

Spreadsheet Data

So that access is not restricted to users of any particular software, spreadsheets attached to the summaries are usually saved as csv (comma separated value) files.  As these do not hold formatting information some entries may initially display incorrectly.  For example, long reference numbers may be displayed in exponential format.  To correct this the cells will need to be reformatted in the program you are using; e.g.: to 'number' format to display numbers as originally entered; column widths may also need to be adjusted to ensure that the data is correctly displayed.

For clarity, some more complex spreadsheets are posted in Excel format.  If you would like these in another format please email stating exactly what is required and we will do our best to help.


The summarised responses show the information provided to the requester when we responded to their request.  As this is a record of the response actually sent any links in it remain as they were at that time but have been disabled.    

If a page is still live, a complete link can be followed by pasting it into the address bar of a browser.  Please remember however that rather than following a possibly outdated link in a response you may be able to find a newer version by searching.


If you have any queries related to a request or the data displayed please email (This link will open your default email program; if no default is set on the device you are using please copy and paste the address into the 'To' field of your email application.)