CAReless Pollution toolkit and images

CAReless Pollution toolkit for schools

Use this toolkit to help young people understand more about the air around them and encourage everyone to take action to help improve air quality in Colchester.

Full toolkit (PDF, 4.68MB) 
Presentation for use in assembly (PowerPoint, 707KB)
Air pollution short film (MP4, 19.9MB)
Activities for KS1 (PDF, 1.53MB)
Activities for KS2 (PDF, 370KB)
Activities for KS3 (108KB)
Wordsearch (PDF, 45.2KB)
Chatterbox (PDF, 375KB)
Quiz (PDF, 34.2KB)
Fact sheet (PDF, 34.2KB)
Air pollution monitoring data collection sheet (PDF, 31.7KB)
Colouring sheet (PDF, 1.10MB)

CAReless Pollution campaign toolkit

Campaign images

Accessing campaign materials

All of our campaign materials are available in another format on request. You can request CAReless Pollution campaign materials by sending us an email. 


We have a supply of printed posters and postcards. Other campaign materials include:
  • car hangers
  • car stickers
  • banners
  • pull up stands

Page last reviewed: 17 June 2021


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