Applying for a proxy vote

Voting by proxy, is whereby you appoint someone else to vote on your behalf. This is a convenient alternative to voting in person.

Proxy vote changes

Changes were implemented to the proxy vote processes in the UK, on 31 October 2023.

  • Voters can apply online for some types of proxy vote.
  • Voters need to prove their identity when applying to vote by proxy, with their national insurance number and date of birth.
  • There are limits to how many people someone can act as a proxy for.

Applying for a proxy vote

The easiest way to apply for a proxy vote is to apply online.

You can apply for a proxy vote at any time and if you wish you can apply for a permanent postal vote for all elections.

When an election is declared there will be a deadline for proxy vote applications specific to that election. This is usually 6 working days before the poll.

Application Forms

Whilst the quickest way to apply for a proxy vote is online, if for any reason you are unable to apply online, you can download an application form.

You can return your form by email to or post to:

Electoral Services,
Rowan House,
Sheepen Road,

If you need any assistance or need us to post you a hard copy of the application form, contact us.

Ask someone you trust to be your proxy

You can ask anyone to act as your proxy - as long as they:

  • Both you and your proxy must be registered to vote.
  • Both you and your proxy must eligible to vote at the election taking place.
  • They must attend your assigned polling station on polling day.

They will need to take their own photo ID with them to vote in some elections.

Apply for an emergency proxy vote

If the proxy vote deadline has passed you may be able to apply for an emergency proxy vote if any of the following apply:

You must not have been aware of these circumstances before the normal proxy vote deadline.

If you’re applying for an emergency proxy vote because of a medical emergency, disability or your employment, your application form must be signed by an ‘appropriate person’ (for example your employer or a doctor).

You have until 5pm on the day of the election to apply.

Page last reviewed: 9 November 2023


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