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Colchester eCargo bike library

Make the change to an eCargo bike

An electric cargo bike, often called an eCargo bike, is an electric delivery bike with purpose-built storage. The bikes come in different shapes and sizes to suit whatever is being transported, whether that be food, flowers, parcels or heavy goods.

They offer a sustainable, low cost and environmentally friendly way of delivering goods and services.

A study by the Active Travel Academy at the University of Westminster found that electric cargo bikes deliver about 60% faster than vans in city centres.

The bikes also cut carbon emissions by 90% compared with diesel vans, and by a third compared with electric vans.

An electric cargo bike is an electric delivery bike with purpose-built storage.

Interested in trying one?

We have six eCargo bikes available for local businesses and organisations to try for a free short-term loan. 

What you need to do to arrange your trial:

  • Complete adult advanced cycle training. This is required for all riders and is currently provided for free by Essex County Council.
  • Work out where you would store the eCargo bike/trailer - somewhere secure and indoors.
  • Choose a bike to suit your needs. Cargo bikes come in all shapes and sizes, we even have an eCargo trailer.
  • Read the contract agreement and agree how you will approach insurance and liability.  


eCargo bikes have many advantages over the use of cars and vans.
  • Low-cost: no fuel or tax bill to pay, and can travel up to 50 miles (80km) on a full battery.
  • Versatile: use routes that cars and vans cannot, including cycle paths and bus lanes.
  • Convenient: can be parked right on the doorstep for easier loading/unloading.
  • Green: emission and pollution-free transport.
  • Active: healthy way to travel leading to fitter, healthier staff.
  • No sweat: electric-assist helps with speeds up to 15.5mph (25kph) and faster under your own steam.

What we offer your business or organisation

  • Free short-term loan of a minimum of 1 month
  • Fully working electric cargo bike
  • Two gold-rated secure bicycle locks
  • Helmet if required
  • Information and advice
  • Breakdown service
  • A low-risk chance to see how an eCargo bike can help your business or organisation
Contact us at to arrange a test ride and discuss the details.

Colchester eCargo delivery service

If borrowing an eCargo bike isn’t suitable for your business, try the eCargo Bike delivery service.

If you need to move equipment, documents or products between sites, you need something picked up, or you need to deliver to your customers within a 5 mile radius of Colchester City Centre,  why not book a good value, quick, green and efficient cargo bike to do your delivery for you.

This will reduce the carbon footprint of your business operations, reduce your impact on local air pollution and improve your environmental credentials.

Colchester eCargo works with retailers and businesses across Colchester from local independents to national chains, supporting our local economy and getting you what you need quickly and with a tiny carbon footprint.

Find further information on Colchester eCargo Bike Delivery service

More about the Colchester eCargo bike project

In addition to the 6 eCargo bikes for loan, Colchester City Council has a fleet of 25 electric cargo bikes and 5 electric trailers that are being used throughout the City by council teams and local champions to carry out their business.

All bikes have been purchased with funding from the Energy Saving Trust and are part of the council’s ongoing commitment to take action on climate change.  

Page last reviewed: 1 February 2023