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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Colchester Borough Council is monitoring the situation closely and will continue to take action to minimise disruption and keep residents and visitors safe. 

Coronavirus: updates, advice and guidance

Updates to our recycling collections

Due to the impact of coronavirus, our recycling collection service had been suspended since 25 March 2020.

Thanks to additional staff recruitment, and by temporarily reducing the frequency of collections across the borough, we can begin our recycling collection service again on a reduced basis.

The updates to collections are: 

  • We are currently collecting glass, cans, plastics, paper and card on a four-weekly basis. Please refer to your recycling calendar for information on what to put out and when.
  • From 25 May 2020, garden waste collections will resume as normal. Garden waste will be collected fortnightly on your normal collection day on a Green Week. 
  • From 22 June, recycling and rubbish collections will resume as normal.
We are still collecting black bags and rubbish from wheelie bins every two weeks and food waste once a week.

Households with assisted collections and flats with communal rubbish and recycling collections are continuing as normal.

Please note: Textile collections will remain suspended until further notice.

Temporary recycling calendars

We have updated our recycling calendars to reflect the changes to recycling and rubbish collections over the next three months.

The calendar also includes information about how to dispose of personal waste if you are self-isolating or have coronavirus.

Please enter your postcode to check your calendar to see when we will be collecting recycling and rubbish from your area.

Download your recycling calendar

Putting out extra bags and containers

  • we will collect glass, cans, plastic, paper and card every 4 weeks from 13 April.
  • a maximum of six clear bags of recycling can be put out when the collections are due.
  • households may put out two green boxes of glass and cans.

Households can also continue to put out an additional 60 litre black bag of rubbish on their black bag or wheelie bin collection day.

If you already have an agreed exemption in place with us for additional rubbish to be collected from your household, this amount will continue to be collected as well as the new borough-wide limit.

Reporting a missed collection

You can still report any missed collections that should have taken place as described on your temporary recycling calendar. 

You can report a missed collection.  

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Recycling bags and containers

Page last reviewed: 26 March 2020