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Information for Private Sector Housing tenants

During the current situation, it is in the best interests of both tenants and landlords to continue to ensure that privately rented properties are kept in good repair and free from hazards.  

Tenants should let their landlords know early if there is a problem and landlords should take the appropriate action. 

Your landlord’s duty 

Your landlord still has a duty to comply with legal obligations to ensure that your property safe. They should continue to undertake routine checks, for example of your gas and electrical installations and any fire alarm and emergency lighting systems. 

New legislation 

New legislation has changed the way your landlord can end a tenancy during this period. The standard notice to quit timeframe has changed to 90 days, starting on 27 March 2020 until at least 30 September 2020.

The legislation has also introduced a suspension of 90 days from 27 March 2020 on possession hearings. If you have already been issued with notice of your landlord’s intention to seek possession of the property, or if you are issued notice in the next 90 days, your landlord will not be able to take action through the courts to make you move.

Government guidance 

The Government's Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance for Landlords and Tenants should help you in ensuring that you comply with your existing and new legal obligations.

The Government has issued guidance to Local Authorities to take “a pragmatic and common-sense approach” to enforcement action during this time. 

Colchester Borough Council Policy 

Our Private Sector Housing Enforcement and Civil Penalties Policy sets out our approach to the enforcement of housing standards. 

Page last reviewed: 20 April 2020


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