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Paying your Council Tax

A message regarding Council Tax reductions / holidays

We understand the unprecedented situation we are in is a worrying time for residents and businesses. We are committed to doing everything we can to supporting Colchester through this period. Like everyone else the council itself is facing an impact on its finances meaning we cannot currently provide reductions or so-called holiday from the council tax. However, if we receive additional Government funding to do so we will pass this on.

It should be remembered that around 74p in every pound of Colchester residents’ bills goes to Essex County Council to support essential services including social care. The money collected through council tax also helps fund a number of organisations including the emergency services – the fire service and police. Only 12p in every pound comes to Colchester Borough Council to fund a range of services, including housing and environmental services.

If your household is on a low income, your Council Tax bill could be reduced through the Local Council Tax Support (LCTS) scheme offered by the council, with those owning their own home, renting, unemployed or working able to apply. Anyone of working age currently receiving LCTS will receive an additional discount to a maximum of £150 on your council tax account. There is no need to make an application, the discount will automatically be applied to your account. Bills will be adjusted and you will receive an amended council tax notification.

Page last reviewed: 24 March 2020