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Housing Benefit and Local Housing Allowance increase

You can apply for Housing Benefit to help you pay your rent if you’re on a low income. However, the majority of working-age people now need to apply for Universal Credit to receive this help.

Housing Benefit can pay for part or all of your rent. How much you get depends on your income and circumstances.

Apply for Housing Benefit

You can apply for Housing Benefit online.

Apply for Housing Benefit

Revised Local Housing Allowance Rates 2020-2021

The Local Housing Allowance determines the maximum amount of rent payable to private sector tenants through Housing Benefit or the Housing Element of Universal Credit.

Enhanced financial support is being provided to claimants by increasing the maximum amount of weekly help they can receive towards their rent from 01 April 2020.

There is no need to make an application, new maximum Housing Allowance rates will be applied automatically to existing and new claims.

​Please see the table below to summarise the new weekly rates that apply for Colchester Borough

Weekly maximum Local Housing Allowance amounts and bedroom need:

Shared 1 2 3 4 (capped
Pre Covid 19 Rate £65.88 £108.48 £138.61 £168.75 £214.20
New rate £71.34 £120.82 £158.79 £195.62 £253.15

Page last reviewed: 24 March 2020