Guidance for protecting vulnerable people

The Government has produced guidance for people, including children, who are at very high risk of severe illness from coronavirus (COVID-19) because of an underlying health condition, and for their family, friends and carers.

The NHS in England is directly contacting people with these conditions to provide further advice.

GOV.UK will provide updated guidance for extremely vulnerable people and their carers


Shielding is a measure to protect extremely vulnerable people by minimising interaction between those who are extremely vulnerable and others. This means that those who are extremely vulnerable should not leave their homes, and within their homes should minimise all non-essential contact with other members of their household.

GOV.UK will provide updated guidance on shielding.

Get coronavirus support as a clinically extremely vulnerable person

If you have a medical condition which makes you extremely vulnerable to coronavirus (COVID-19), you can register on the government website to receive support.

Register here

Page last reviewed: 3 April 2020