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Noise and environmental advice


As more households respond to government advice to stay home and reduce the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, we are seeing a large increase in contact from residents distressed about the noise levels coming from neighbouring properties.

We are appealing to everyone to be thoughtful towards their neighbours, many of whom may be key workers, by asking everyone to be aware of the noise levels in your homes and gardens and to reduce it where possible.

At the same time, we are asking everyone to try and be tolerant of the increase in noise and activity around them.

The top five areas of complaint that have been received by our officers are:

Music and gaming

Try to keep the volume of music and games at a reasonable level so that it does not disturb your neighbours. Keep the bass level down and, where possible, position speakers away from adjoining walls, floors and ceilings.

When outside try to keep volumes at or below conversation level or wear headphones.

If you play musical instruments, keep practice sessions short and at reasonable times during the day.

Banging doors and stamping feet

Sound can travel quite easily through walls and floors, so avoid slamming doors and running up or down stairs, especially if you live in a flat or terraced house.

If you have laminate or wood flooring, consider the use of rugs in areas with high footfall or where children play.

Dogs barking

If you own a dog try to reduce instances of barking in the home and garden, especially tackling persistent barking.

Do not leave your dog outside for long periods of time.

DIY activity

Please be thoughtful if you are finishing or starting new DIY projects. The impact on your neighbours during this difficult time could be greater than you think.  Try to avoid this type of work in the evening or early in the morning, particularly at the weekend.

If you can, whilst maintaining social distancing of a minimum of 2 metres, talk to your neighbours about your plans and be prepared to compromise if there are times that your neighbour asks you to avoid for a genuine reason.

Exercising at home

With gyms and sports facilities closed many of us are exercising at home.

Try to exercise within reasonable daytime hours; place weights carefully on the floor rather than dropping them and wear headphones when exercising to music or keep volumes down.

Household appliances

Be considerate and only use noisy appliances like washing machines, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners during the normal waking hours - this is particularly relevant if you live in a flat or terraced house.

Page last reviewed: 14 April 2020