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Business Support Grants

How to apply for Covid-19 business support grants

The Government is providing funding to local councils to support businesses impacted by Covid-19 restrictions that have been:

  • ordered to close, or;
  • able to trade but severely affected by the restrictions

Who can apply for this funding?

The following criteria will apply to all businesses making an application.

Your business must have:

  • fixed premises related costs
  • Comply with state aid rules
  • Not be insolvent, in administration or having received a striking off notice

If you do not have a business premises you will not be eligible for the current business grants, see GOV.UK's information on business support for other financial support schemes.

Eligible business types

There are several different grants schemes.

The application form has been designed to cover all schemes without the applicant needing to understand which they may be eligible for.

Please do not apply more than once. We will use the information you provide to issue grants as and when they become available. As there are several different schemes, if you are eligible for business grants it is likely that you will receive small incremental payments. You will receive a confirmation email each time.

The following types of business can apply, whether the main part of the business has been required to close, or whether they can remain open but have been severely impacted by the restrictions.

Businesses must have on-going fixed costs to be eligible.

  • Non-essential retail
  • Leisure
  • Personal care
  • Sports facilities
  • Hospitality businesses
  • Suppliers to the retail and hospitality sectors
  • Creative industries
  • Regular Colchester Market traders
  • Taxi firms
  • Event and event hire companies
  • Tourism

Page last reviewed: 20 November 2020