Colchester's Great Winter Clean

15 January - 15 February 

This winter we are asking communities to come together and take part in a winter clean to make a difference to the area where you live and help tackle littering across the city.   

Most litter is hidden from sight during spring, summer and autumn. In the winter, it becomes visible after leaf fall, vegetation die-back and seasonal cutting back. It is also much easier to remove than at other times of the year.  

Help us by litter picking an area of open space or street which is important to you. This may be the street you live in, or your favourite park. 

How to get involved

Whether on your own or as part of a group, litter-picking is an easy and fun way to get active, improve your wellbeing and take care of the environment on your doorstep.  

Benefits of being a litter picker include:
  • improving the cleanliness of your community
  • making a positive difference in your community
  • making new friends
  • reducing crime in your community
  • encouraging positive behaviour change
To get started simply choose your location, date and time of the ‘clean up’ and spread the word amongst your local community.

Volunteers are encouraged to begin with streets, alleyways, folleys, footpaths, and open spaces close to where you live.

Equipment loans and bag collection service

Our Neighbourhood Services teams can help with:
  • providing bags
  • loaning litter picking equipment
  • collecting bags to ensure that they are recycled appropriately

Bags and litter picking equipment

To request bags for your litter pick order them online and we will deliver them to your address.

We also have a number of litter picking kits to loan out, each kit consists of:
  • 25 adult litter pickers and hi vis vests
  • 5 children litter pickers and hi vis vests
  • 1 roll of bags per loan kit
To loan this kit email with the details of your planned litter pick.

These kits are regularly used by our Litter Warriors. If you’re 18 or over and would like to become a Litter Warrior and loan a kit, email to register your interest and follow our sign up process.

All requests are subject to availability.

Litter picking hubs

You can also make use of equipment at one of the 9 community litter picking hubs around Colchester.

Each hub consists of a large wheelie bin containing up to 12 sets of litter picking equipment and a supply of litter picking sacks.

  • Tiptree Community Centre
  • Go4 Café – Old Heath Recreation Ground
  • Greenstead Community Centre
  • Highwoods Country Park Visitor Centre
  • Wivenhoe Parish Council – Wivenhoe High Street
  • Colchester Sports Park at Northern Gateway
  • The boathouse in Dedham
  • Upper Castle Park Rangers Hut (bottom end of the Upper Castle Park near the Roman Wall)
  • Colcheco Shop - Layer Road
Contact the hub location directly to confirm opening times and availability.

How to get your litter picked rubbish collected

Once you have completed the clean, you must report the bags for collection.  

Reporting the bags for collection helps us track how much is collected during ‘Colchester’s Great Winter Clean’. 

Make sure that any bags you collect and leave for collection, do not block footpaths and are not left in a position that will put anyone at risk.

Once you’ve done a litter pick, you can help show how much of a difference you’ve made to your local area by posting pictures to your social media, hopefully this will also encourage others to take part. 

Staying safe while taking part

Once you’ve picked a place for your clean up, visit the site beforehand and carry out a full risk assessment.

This is a careful examination of the possible risks that could cause harm to you and other volunteers. If the area carries too many risks for you and your group, choose a different location.

You will be required to submit your risk assessment in order to request a loan of litter picking equipment.

Risk assessment template

This is emailed to individuals who are interested in joining our Litter Warriors scheme and also to organisers who are booking out the Litter Warrior loan kits.

Page last reviewed: 3 January 2024


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