Economic development in and around Colchester

Economic recovery, growth and investment in Colchester

Colchester is an economic driver in the East of England, with over £333 million pounds of trackable investment in recent years there is confidence in Colchester’s potential.

From tech startups to large leisure and retail investors, Colchester is seeing a diverse range of businesses setup and thrive alongside those which are well established.

The Colchester Economic Strategy 2022-2025

Working with partners and local businesses, we have developed the Colchester Economic Strategy 2022-2025, which reflects the needs of investors, stakeholders and local businesses.

The strategy sets a medium-term course for recovery and growth.

Read the full Colchester Economic Strategy 2022-2025

A strong economy is vital for Colchester to:
  • provide residents with the jobs, income, homes and purpose they need to remain healthy
  • allow business to flourish and realise their ambitions - whatever they are.
  • provide the infrastructure a growing place relies on
  • keep Colchester and the surrounding area vibrant and attractive
  • compete for inward investment, encourage business growth and help people to realise their personal potential by improving their skills
  • be a desirable place to live, work, do business, study and visit
There is an emphasis on inclusive economic growth to address inequalities through new ways of working for the benefit of Colchester, its people and its businesses.

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