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Working together, Colchester City Council and Essex County Council have made significant progress and development with the City Centre Masterplan following public consultation in 2022 and 2023. This, together with major regeneration projects already underway, sets out the vision and ambition, ensuring Colchester, one of the most important historic centres in Britain, thrives long into the future.

The council has considered the responses received to the consultation and the revised January 2024 Masterplan.

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Improving St Botolph’s Circus 

We have listened to your feedback, this is how we have developed the St Botolph’s Plan following public consultation.

To address the feedback we received on the St Botolph’s Circus proposal, we have taken your views into account and made revisions to the St Botolph's Plan based on public consultation. The regeneration and improvement of St Botolph's Circus, as a vital gateway into the city centre and a meeting point for various forms of transport, is already underway.

We have decided to maintain a smaller roundabout design in response to concerns about congestion, traffic movement, and construction duration for the proposed crossroad design. The smaller roundabout will facilitate better traffic flow while providing opportunities for area regeneration, improved walking and cycling links, and essential accessibility enhancements.

Long acknowledged as requiring investment, the scheme will set the standard as the first stage of regenerating the wider area, delivering:

  • good quality urban realm and gateway to the city centre
  • improved safer environment for everyone
  • improved connectivity for communities to local and wider transport networks through bus, rapid transit, rail services and walking and cycling routes, an inclusive and accessible area for all
  • improved health and wellbeing for Colchester residents
  • improved public realm
  • increased footfall to encourage wider economic growth of the area, providing development opportunities and support for local business

The St Botolph’s Circus redevelopment marks the beginning of wider regeneration plans for the area, including a new heritage walking route from St Botolph’s Circus to St Botolph’s Priory and Colchester Castle, encouraging visitors to explore the city's rich history and awe-inspiring past using the convenient train and bus station links.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and we look forward to creating a vibrant and prosperous future for Colchester together.

View the St Botolphs Circus regeneration brochure (PDF, 3.04MB)

Page last reviewed: 5 January 2024