Irresponsible dog ownership targeted in campaign

Whether you own a dog or not, dog poo affects everyone, and it is unpleasant to see it in Colchester’s parks and on our pavements. As part of our ongoing effort to tackle the issue, we have launched a new campaign to reduce dog fouling across the city.

We have started the new drive after receiving feedback from residents and our own Neighbourhood team regarding an increase in thoughtless dog owners not picking up after their pets.

A range of posters are being placed at key outdoor locations across the city, and awareness raising messages and graphics are being posted on social media aimed at promoting good dog ownership.

Although public spaces across the city have designated dog poo bins, dog walkers can put their pets’ bagged waste in a general litter bin as well.

It is against the law to not clear up after your dog, and you could face a fine of up to £1,000.

The message is simple to remember - just bag it and bin it! Nine out of ten owners pick up poo, let us make it 100%.

Page last reviewed: 26 February 2021


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