March 2021 issue

Digital Access Support Team help keep children learning online during lockdown

More than 200 tablets and laptops are being provided to families and individuals across Colchester through the Digital Access Support Team (DAST), to help them study or stay in touch with loved ones during the national lockdown.

The DAST have teamed up with New Town Churches and our ICT department to provide people with this lifeline equipment.

Working in partnership with Bechtle and Green Safe IT, over 200 tablets and laptops have either been bought or repurposed, and then distributed to local people and families referred via schools and partner organisations as in need of support.

With schools being closed and teachers forced to switch to online learning, children who do not have access to laptops or devices risk digital exclusion and falling behind with their education.

The partnership work undertaken has been crucial for many parents to help their children to keep up with their schoolwork, as well as helping them stay connected with friends and family.

The DAST offer a free digital support service helping the public gain basic skills and confidence using today's smart technology. They host events for the local community, which are currently running online, and one-to-one sessions over the phone to help people get online and up to speed with technology. For more information visit the DAST website.

Ann Micallef, from Stanway, with her device.

Sarah Chaplin, PA to St Helena School Headteacher, receiving devices from the DAST.

Page last reviewed: 26 February 2021


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