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Colchester Orbital

Approximately 14-15 miles in length, this picturesque walk and cycle route circles the edge of the town.

Colchester Orbital

The Colchester Orbital follows existing public rights of way, taking advantage of and connecting some of its loveliest green spaces, cycle paths and off-road pathway networks.  

Officially launched in 2018 under the Walk Colchester initiative, the Orbital forms part of the Jane’s Walk programme; an international initiative of local walks led by local people on local themes honouring the legacy of the urbanist, writer and activist Jane Jacobs. Colchester Borough Council has worked with a range of partners to support this community project which has sought to promote, preserve and protect the circular route around the borough since 2015. 

The project has been led by members of Walk Colchester, Essex Local Access Forum, Colchester Ramblers, Colchester Natural History Society, Myland Community Council and Essex Bridleways Association with support from Cycle Colchester. 

Walking maps

Cycle map

The partners involved in the project are currently checking the potential barriers on the route that may prevent it from being accessible for all.

Colchester Orbital walkers with banner

We are also looking at potentially adding more greenery to the Orbital route as part of the Colchester Woodland Project. It is hoped that areas will be found for new tree planting and the creation of new wildlife habitats. 

We will share the latest news about the Colchester Orbital as it happens. In the meantime, you can find out more about the route by visiting walkcolchester.org.uk/the-colchester-orbital

Page last reviewed: 12 June 2020


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