Apply for Housing Benefit

Who can apply for Housing Benefit

You can apply for Housing Benefit if you are exempt from Universal Credit and Local Council Tax Support. 

Find out more about applying for Local Council Tax Support or Universal Credit.

Before you start

To complete the application form you will need:
  • your national insurance number
  • your household’s income, capital and rent
  • a full breakdown of your most recent payment - if you are in receipt of Universal Credit. 

What happens after you have applied  

Once we have received your application we may ask you for some more information.

Any documentation we request should be provided within a month of the date you applied. We can only process your application once we have received all the necessary documentation.

The best way of providing your documentation is to upload it yourself.

Once we have finished processing your application we will send you an award letter confirming your entitlement to Housing Benefit.

Page last reviewed: 30 June 2022


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