Disproportionate burden assessment for Statement of Persons Nominated and Notice of Election Agents


The Statement of Persons Nominated lists all candidates who have put themselves forward to be elected. There is a legal obligation to publish this notice and the Notice of Election Agents. 

Benefits of creating an accessible version

The benefits of creating a HTML version of this PDF would be:
  • A fully accessible version for all users to access
  • An easily searchable and indexable version

Burden placed on the organisation

The speed required to publish just HTML within the tight timeframe would be unreasonable.

Contributing factors

Other factors relevant to this decision are:
  • We publish PDFs for speed and so that it can be downloaded and distributed by interested parties and fulfil the legal obligation in the standard format.
  • We will continue to assist with accessible versions on request.


Having considered the estimated time frame involved in creating an accessible version, along with the legal demand for these documents to be published online, we have concluded that the work involved would take a considerable amount of staff time and we will convert the PDFs into HTML in the near future. This represents a disproportionate burden on the organisation.

View the:  

If you need any of the information from the PDF provided in another format, contact elections@colchester.gov.uk.

Page last reviewed: 6 April 2023


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