Disproportionate burden assessment for the Housing and Homelessness Summary year end 2022 to 2023


The document provides key information about the housing and homelessness situation in Colchester and the council's work to support and address this (Housing is a statutory function at the council so we need to provide robust and up to date evidence of our work).

Benefits of creating an accessible version

The benefits of creating a HTML version of this PDF would be:
  • A fully accessible version for all users to access
  • An easily searchable and indexable version

Burden placed on the organisation

The document contains tables, diagrams and graphics that we have estimated would take a disproportionate amount of content designer's time to turn into a HTML. 

Contributing factors

Other factors relevant to this decision are:
  • We would anticipate interest in this document being limited.


The time and difficulty it would take to turn this into a web page, and the lack of interest from the public, represents a disproportionate burden. We will continue to assist with accessible versions on request.

View the Housing and Homelessness Summary - year end 2022 to 2023 (PDF, 399KB)

If you need any of the information from the PDF provided in another format, contact victoria.hanley@colchester.gov.uk.

Page last reviewed: 16 May 2023


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