Disproportionate burden assessment for the Risk Management Strategy 2022-23


External assessment bodies, including the External Auditors, require us to demonstrate that we have a formal risk management process, as part of our governance arrangements, and that it is readily available for any interested persons. Failure to demonstrate the process could lead to qualified accounts.

Benefits of creating an accessible version

The benefits of creating a HTML version of this PDF would be:
  • A fully accessible version for all users to access.

Burden placed on the organisation

We have never been asked for an accessible version of the document. It is not a document that is widely searched for and tends to be used by external agencies and other organisations, as opposed to members of the public. The cost and time taken to change the document would outweigh the numbers of members of the public who look at it.

Contributing factors

Other factors relevant to this decision are:
  • The document does not provide any advice and guidance directly relevant to individuals, and does not assist members of the public to access Council services. The Strategy is reviewed every year and it would therefore need to be updated annually.


The overview of risk management is already a webpage but the strategy will continue to be uploaded as a PDF.

View the Risk Management Strategy (PDF, 545KB)

If you need any of the information from the PDF provided in another format, contact hayley.mcgrath@colchester.gov.uk.

Page last reviewed: 4 November 2022


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